Skip Stanley Square Dance Caller

Square dancing was promoted by the Ichabods at the Fullerton night out, May 4, 1995. Members of the Ichabod Square Dance club demonstrated a square dance “tip” with Skip Stanley calling.   Then we invited some of the people in the audience to join us to learn basic calls and then dance. What fun weContinue reading “Skip Stanley Square Dance Caller”

Square Dancing is Fun!

A night of square dancing can equal a 3 to 5-mile walk. It is an inexpensive family activity (tobacco/alcohol-free for the dances) that can be enjoyed by members of all ages. Provides Mental Stimulation by keeping the mind active and alert.  It can help to reduce your risk of heart disease. It’s good for psychologicalContinue reading “Square Dancing is Fun!”

Ken Bower, Square Dance Caller

Brothers, well, we both have gray hair and wrinkles and toothy smiles and blue eyes, and…we love square dancing. Me? I dance. Ken? He calls, and what a superb caller he is. One of the best in the country. He is patriotic and sings his country and his faith. That makes us brothers of sorts.Continue reading “Ken Bower, Square Dance Caller”