Ken Bower, Square Dance Caller

Brothers, well, we both have gray hair and wrinkles and toothy smiles and blue eyes, and…we love square dancing. Me? I dance. Ken? He calls, and what a superb caller he is. One of the best in the country. He is patriotic and sings his country and his faith. That makes us brothers of sorts.

The first time I attended a dance he called was nearly 30 years ago, and even then, he was known as the “silver fox.”

He has been calling for our Ichabod Square Dance club for as long as I can remember and even before. Generally, he calls for our December dance, and he has a bunch of Christmas songs to fit the occasion.

Hear tell he goes back into the ’60s, and here is a 45 record cover to prove it.

Thanks, Ken, for all those excellent square dancing years with more to come. 

Join us on December 17, 2021, for our Season’s Greetings dance featuring Ken Bower.

Published by Fritz von Coelln

Poet, Great Grandfather, Lover in reverse order

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