Ichabod’s Squares born October 21, 1965 at Sleepy Hollow

–that’s the title of a booklet of Ichabod history. 

When Marv Lindner agreed to take over the beginner’s square dance class that Ray Flood and Art Miller had begun, no one dreamed that it was the start of a love affair…propelling “Marv” into the limelight of Square Dancing’s top callers…. Then early in May of 1965 Jackie Martin, proprietor of Ichabod’s Café in Sleepy Hollow (Carbon Canyon)…put on a demonstration in the outdoor patio of the café.  “You all come down out of the hills and dance.”  San Tana Squares, Square Riggers, Tumbleweeds, Single Stars, Kut Up 8’s, 2 x 2’s and quite a few clubs showed up to help this struggling class.  

Finally, October 21st, the big moment came. Graduation!  People came from everywhere.  Marv really called a dance that night.  Diplomas were passed out along with the traditional kisses that go with them and the Ichabods learned of the “shoebox routine.”  A Square D, which the Ichabods had voted to join, officiated at the ceremony.  (roster included 26 members-ed.).  

The club decide to hold dances monthly on the 2nd Friday and hired Marv as club caller.  The first dance was held December 10th at Bagnall Ranch in Placentia…perfect for this “Jingle Bells” dance and drew 114 dancers from 9 clubs.

The very first Ichabod head appeared in a flyer for the November 4, 1965 class; drawn by Barbara Roe.

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