Dancing in July?

California Council of Square Dancers, Inc. sent this email out April 7th. Square dance clubs are preparing to be back soon after the Covid lockdown began March of 2020. Hip Hip Hooray!

As most of you have probably heard, the governor has announced that California plans to “re-open” on June 15 IF current progress is maintained related to decreasing numbers of coronavirus cases and increasing numbers of vaccinations.  As of that date, the current color-coded tiers would be discontinued and all sectors can re-open.  The only required precaution as presently described would be continuation of the statewide mask mandate. 

Based on the best information we can derive from the Governor’s statement and the California Department of Public Health website, this means that square dancing – and all other dancing under our “umbrella” – can resume!  Hooray!!!! 

As we proceed toward June, please keep in mind the following: 

  • You should complete your insurance enrollments – if you have not already done so – at least 30 days before your first dance event.  This will ensure you have your facility insurance certificate in hand and that your dancers and your hall(s) are covered.
  • As you schedule dances into late June, July, and August, you might consider including a cancellation clause in your announcements, contracts, and agreements – just in case the re-opening is delayed.  Be sure to provide contact information such as a website or phone number so that dancers can confirm the event will occur as scheduled.
  • Based on current information associated with this announcement, California plans on maintaining its statewide mask mandate for some additional time.  This would mean that dancers must wear masks as indicated.  Of course, other cleanliness protocols such as hand-washing, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing surfaces should continue. 

We will continue to keep you informed as we process the ever-evolving information from the state.  We do look forward to seeing you all back on the dance floor! 

LPaul and Sally Schmidt, President / Secretary 

Carolyn Ulrich, Insurance Director 

California Council of Square Dancers, Inc.

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