Now listen all square dancers and you will hear Bout a Square Dance caller we think is dear. He’s not real tall or big and fat;
Just a wonderful guy, we’ll leave it at that.

He makes a statement which we doubt is true,
That his mother had him when she had nothing to do We’re glad she did, whatever her reason might have been Cause we enjoy dancing to her next of kin.

The Spurs N Hers taught and how to dance
From then on the square dancers didn’t have a chance. He learn to call — then called for the 2 X 2‘s
And became so good he danced off everyone’s shoes.

To the Ichabods he came very willing to teach Clear to sleepy Hollow Hills voice did reach. He taught and we learned with fair success, And we became “nutty” dancers more or less.

Marv’s been shot, hung and buried
And still at our dances his voice has carried.
From Santa Claus to Snowman to a black cat Thanks for going along with us, we appreciate that.

He calls for clubs all over the place
And his dances are always held at a rapid pace
We dance and dance til we can dance no more
Then head right out for the pizza and beer next door.

We are very proud of our “singing” cowboy caller
And you could hear him all over for only a dollar.
With him around the Square Dance world will never starve, And I’m sure all will agree that WE’RE MAD FOR MARV.

(Author unknown)

Published by Fritz von Coelln

Poet, Great Grandfather, Lover in reverse order

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