Skip Stanley Square Dance Caller

Square dancing was promoted by the Ichabods at the Fullerton night out, May 4, 1995.

Dancers Mary Lou and Willis Jackson and Pat and Tom Hamilton May 4, 1995

Members of the Ichabod Square Dance club demonstrated a square dance “tip” with Skip Stanley calling.  

Evelyn Schirmer far left in the Ichabod Square Dance Dress–her husband Bill has the green matching shirt.

Then we invited some of the people in the audience to join us to learn basic calls and then dance.

Square dancers Pete Lech, Richard Bogucki and Leo Paquin dancing with members of the audience

What fun we all had

Square Dance demonstration for the Fullerton night out audience.

Skip Stanley called for over 40 years and is calling in this video at the Ichabod Halloween dance in 2010.

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